Inauguration of the Organization together with the Leaders

Organization members were given time to say something.

Today Blake School from United States of America visit SMART Chicken Project in Rwamagana District ......

Blake School Students and Teachers from Minnesota United States of Amarica Visit SMART Chicken Project on 14th June 2019.

I would like to say thank you very much Blake School for your visit, we appreciate and you are most welcome again.

Network for Africa group visiting the SMART Chicken Project

I may thank you very much The Network for Africa group to visiting The SMART Chicken Project.

The best project of rearing chickens is reached to Rwamagana, Muyumbu.Come for more advice........



The SMART Chicken project was implemented  in 2016,Eastern part of Rwanda, Rwamagan District in Muyumbu Sector .



To be among the excellent  chicken keepers . 


 To  achieve  the   Standard  of Excellence.


To be highly respected by the community of Stakeholders and become the first choice of them.


To support and guide clients to achieve success in their business by acting as their trusted chicken keeper.

To provide quality and innovative business solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Empower my manpower through continuous excellent chicken keepers development to face the dynamic global changes                                                                               


  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Commitment
  • Competencies


After gaining 8 years experience in studying Humanities, Financial Management and project Management , I have decided to have Chicken project with raising healthy chickens and delicious eggs since 2016.

3. The Project objectives to:

ü  Job creator

ü  To produce Quality products

ü  Get Interest

ü  Support   Vulnerable people  with working together

ü  Reinforce capacities of local workers

ü  To educate communities to create their own chicken  project

The SMART chicken Project

 It is the Project that will be attending to provide fresh eggs, Income generation ,with willingness to teach others about chickens fun and education for surrounding areas orphans ,Widowers and other vulnerable how to keep chickens at their homes , not only  to educate them because the project after settling well it will start giving Chickens to those mentioned above (vulnerable) just to let them keep chickens at home, Apart from the eggs and  the Community also will  get manure for the gardens which is the way of quality producing  hence selling  more vegetables. The money will be earning will help  children school fees, medical care for the Community members, renovation of their houses and development.

5. How could I get involved with SMART Chicken Project?

I  visited chicken keeper in Kabuga called Maman Diane  (observation method) where I have learnt  more things from there, I was given a time to ask questions and all were responded .I am also planning to attend our upcoming chicken workshops or join  where I can connect with other chicken keepers so that I should share my own events, questions and advice with them.

Kabuga Chicken Project

This is the Kabuga Chicken Project which has been visited and where I learnt many things from there about life span of the  Chickens ,and I got different information.

After different views, ideas of chicken keepers I came up with the idea of creating my own project which is SMART chicken Project.

Smart chicken project

Welcome to Smart chicken project.

Excutive scretary of the sector visits the Smart Chicken project.